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Issues in Stem Cell Research


What is the definition, somatically, of a person?

Stewardship issues -- at least on the front end these technologies are VERY expensive and the yield is both quite delayed and much smaller than the initial hype.  Who should pay?  From whence are the stem cells acquired?  This one may be easing somewhat already with non-fetal sources.

Privacy issues -- any sample obtained in medical treatments and diagnoses could be typed and the cellular components stored in a computer, without a patient's knowledge.  Those persons could then be approached, perhaps even strong-armed, in the future to allow marrow or other source tissues to be used.  Maybe even in a conspiracy they could be kidnapped in the tyrannical government we are building.  Who woulda thought we would be outsourcing torture to Morocco and Syria?

Last, but not least, the government should not be paying for the research.  Caesar (the government) is a minister of justice, not mercy, nor even of scientific information.  Further, his civil ministers only have authority granted in the Constitution, which in its entire structure of limitation and division of powers, summed up on the 10th amendment, makes them all vow-breakers to do otherwise. 


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