The following is excerpted from Norman Geisler’s Presidential Address to the Evangelical Theological Society, November 19, 1998, entitled “Beware of Philosophy: A Warning to Biblical Scholars.” The URL of the full text may be found at the end of my excerpt here. Whiile this article is excellent, it should not be considered an endorsement of any other of Geisler’s opinions.

Some Intellectual Advice for the Mind

1. Avoid the Desire to Become a Famous Scholar.

2. Avoid the Temptation to Be Unique.

3. Do Not Dance on the Edges.

4. Steer Right to Go Straight.

Ed’s comment: It is interesting that more criticisms by evangelicals are aimed at Christians on their right—nouthetic counseling, theonomists, Biblicists, etc.—than those on the left. This situation raises the question whether evangelicalism is truly centered in, and based upon, a fully Biblical approach to worldview and culture.

5. Do Not Trade Orthodoxy for Academic Respectability.

6. Reject any Methodology Inconsistent with the Bible or Good Reason.

Some Spiritual Advice for the Soul

1. Always Choose Lordship over Scholarship.

2. Do Not Allow Morality to Determine Methodology.

3. Do Not Allow Sincerity to be a Test of Orthodoxy.

A short discussion of the above admonitions and a much longer discussion of specifically philosophical issues may be found here.