I will read this later, perhaps tonight. Right now, I am fuming at John Robbins’ latest from the grave against all things Confederate, Southern secession, etc. He was WAY WAY over his head on this one, internally contradictory, lacking in pertinent facts, and skewing the ones he did have. Though Dabney came to the wrong specific conclusion regarding Southern slavery, at least he had a detailed biblical argument for the possibility of slavery, which was uncomfortably persuasive. Robbins offers nothing but presumption. So far is secession unbiblical, it is required at times. See “lesser magistrate” theory. See the Declaration of Independence. See John Witherspoon’s actions. See Robbins’ own argument in regard to the options for a dissident East Tennessee. See even Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which in its opening line favorably referenced our nation’s secession from Great Britain. Robbins was clueless regarding Lincoln’s actions, which belied his words. This was normal behavior for Lincoln.