“Kuyper gained a reputation as a preacher of exceptional ability and effectiveness, and in 1867 was called to Utrecht where he had not only a wider audience, but also a center from which to carry out his vision for the reforming of the whole church. Kuyper began to realize the truth of the old saying that it took only one night to get Israel out of Egypt, but it took 40 years to get Egypt out of Israel. He realized that his seminary training had actually stunted his spiritual growth and was in fact spiritually deadening. He began to write pamphlets explaining his Reformed position.”

“Kuyper was a Spurgeon-like preacher, eloquent, preaching topical sermons, but engaging the culture to a much greater extent. He compared liberal theology to a MIRAGE which can look good and draw your attention, but is DEVOID OF REALITY. What is missing in Liberalism? Kuyper answers: They can’t have the real God, they can’t offer real prayer, they substitute the unreality of evolutionary thought for the biblical reality of creation and fall — their standard of moralilty lacks a REAL foundation. In sum their church is unreal, lacking as it does the marks of a true church. Whatever it is, it can no longer rightly be called the Church of Christ.”

We need relevant preaching, sharp writing, and a willingness to call an unbeliever an unbeliever to his face, in public. We need actions which conform to God’s law in all spheres — educational, legal, political, scientific, medical, economic, etc. We need to identify evolutionary theories as a false religion, in public. We need to cease supporting seminaries which deny cardinal doctrines and to be willing to chastise others publicly when they are found in lesser errors, including errors of omission. Kuyper had many enemies because of his effective, outspoken approach.

Counsel of Chalcedon,Don Crowe, 2008, Issue #4.