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Fun reading with a powerful message… The Epistemology of a Flea

Frances Collins Heinous Fallacies about Unborn Babies

“The Great Debate” – Classical Apologetics Refuted by Presuppositionalism

 Applied Biblical Ethics

Success in Apologetics Necessitates a Proper Understanding of Faith and Reason: Why Not Make the Bible our Standard of Truth?

Hilton’s Treatises: Wise Counsel to the Evangelical, Reformed Church

A Beginning Look at Classical Apologetics … a work in progress.

Featured articles and papers with philosophical categories that follow below

New! Michael Polanyi – Part III: Away from Objectivity and Towards Personal, Biblical Truth

Michael Polanyi: Unintentional Christian Apologist and Theologian: Part II – Centrality of Faith in Apologetics

The Apologetic for Biblical Theism as the Best Foundation for Polanyi’s Personal Knowledge

Observations and Conclusions from a Dilletante Philosopher New

Michael Polanyi: Unintentional Christian Apologist and Theologian – Part I

Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know about Doubt

Quo Vadis Christian Philosopher? Some Concerns and Directions among the Successes – II

The Principia and Revelation: A Reflection of Revelation as External and Internal

What Methodological Supernaturalism Might Look Like

Scripture as the Epistemological Source for Science

***New for high school and college students of all ages… refute your professors with irrefutable arguments! Here.

New Article: The Bible Destroys the Strongholds of Epistemological Speculation

New Article: See Science and Technology Below

Augustine and Polanyi: Towards an Understanding of Conversion and Conviviality with Application to Modern Diversity and Peaceful Co-existence (paper presented at The Polanyi Society Meeting, Chicago, IL, June 9, 2012)

Towards a More Complete Understanding of Biblical Faith and Its Powerful Impact on a Theory of Epistemology with Implications for the Evangelical Philosophical Society (Paper presented at the 2012 Meeting of the Southeastern Region of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, March 26, 2012)

New article: The Powerful Coherence of the Scriptures for Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, and Medicine November 2011

Faith vs. Faith – Fighting on Level Ground Possibly the most important article for the survival of modern civilization!

Challenge to all Christian philosophers: Are your terms and your methods acceptable to God and Scripture? Quo Vadis Christian Philosopher? Some Concerns among the Successes Paper presented at the Southeast Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, March 2011

New section: Science Is As Faith-based As Any Religion!

Also, see Religion in Environmentalism in the same file

Miscellaneous Subjects of Interest

A Protestant (Philosophical) Worldview

Bias of Philosophers Against Religion and Revelation (Off site – Why the Old Testament is avoided by philosophers and other scholars)

Young Atheists Value Those Who Believe the Bible (Off site – Atlantic Monthly)

How to Discern the Errors of Christians Who Are Philosophers

The Facts on Facts: Complexity Masquerading as Simplicity

Synonyms Within Philosophy: Decreasing the Complexity of Terms (ongoing)

The Centrality of Regeneration, Faith, and Sanctification in a Biblical Epistemology (scholarly philosophical paper)

Good Reasons to Study Philosophy

Brain Teasers and Brief Bytes Concerning “Philosophy”

Faith and Reason: There Is No Conflict! Reason and Rationalism Fully Defined

Starting Points for Beginning a Serious Pursuit of Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy for Christians New to the Subject

Basic Principles upon Which this Biblical Philosophy Website Is Based

The Unity of Biblical Theology and Biblical Philosophy: A Grand Demonstration

Outline and Brief Description of a Book on Biblical Philosophy

Hurting? Need Help? Philosophy Made Simple

Philosophy and None of Its Branches Have Any Answers

A Comparison and Contrast of Pascal and Descartes (off site)

Reviews and Critiques of Reformed Epistemology

Alvin Plantinga: “Other Truths”

As Religious and Philosophical Imperialism

The New Reformed Epistemology: A Critique by John Frame

Is Reformed Epistemology Reformed? Some Notes

Warranted Christian Belief: A Review of the Preface

Alvin Plantinga: Brief Note On His Use of the Generic “She”

Towards a Truly Reformed Philosophy… ongoing construction (Started December 2009)

God, Theism, Classical Theism, Other “Gods,” and Onto-Theology

Classical and Christian Theism: Valid or Invalid Terms?

Classical Theism Refuted in Favor of Biblical Theism

Gods of the Philosophers and Theologians (ongoing)

Onto-Theology: Gods of the Philosophers

Hegel’s Philosophy and Orthodox Christianity

Two Religions: The Works-Salvation Delusion (off site)

Faith and Reason

Michael Polanyi – Part III: Away from Objectivity and Towards Personal, Biblical TruthNew!

Faith and Reason: There Is No Conflict! Reason and Rationalism Fully Defined

Science Is as Faith-Based as Any Religion!

The Powerful Influence of Francis Bacon and Thomas Reid on American Christianity

Beckwith, Rome, Regeneration, and Philosophy

Faith: The Confusion of Pastors and Theologians; The Blindness of Philosophers; Into the Ghetto for “Peoples of Faith”

Finally, All Americans Belong to Faith Groups

Faith as the Ultimate Cosmological Argument for Everyone

What Is Faith? The Testimony of Theologians and Philosophers

Faith, Truth, and Reason

Faith: Clarifying Confusion

Faith and Reason: An Interdependency

Rationality and Scripture: John Frame (off site)

Philosophy: Reflections

The Unity of Biblical Theology and Biblical Philosophy: A Grand Demonstration

Philosophy Is a Quest for the Truth That Leads to Christ and Christianity

All Philosophy Is Religion in Disguise

Survey of Philosophy over Three Millennia

John Frame on Philosophy

Good Reasons to Study Philosophy

Christian and Biblical Reflection on the Great Philosophers of History

Logic, Language and Definition

What About “Mere Human Logic?”

Jesus Christ as the Logos, Logic, and Word

Comments on the Concept of Language

A Study of Language Is A Study of Philosophy!

Seven Faiths

Language Is More Than Adequate and Translatable! Paul Helm (off site)

An Intensive and Extensive Look at Various Logics – Greg Bahnsen Begin at “Logic: A Last Ditch Stand?”

Modern Language Studies, Presuppositions, and The Bible Martin G. Selbrede

Logic and the Westminster Confession of Faith by Gary Crampton (off site)

Language: Its Function in Encyclopedia by Abraham Kuyper

God and Biblical Language: Transcendence and Immanence John Frame (off site)

Logic in the East and the West: Does It Differ?

Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Absolutes

The Centrality of Regeneration, Faith, and Sanctification in a Biblical Epistemology

The Noetic Effects of Sin

The Powerful Epistemology of a Flea

Epistemology: A New Look at an Old Subject

A Major Refutation of Empiricism and Its Danger for a Biblical Worldview

Metaphysics, Epistemology, Rationality, and Philosophy Entirely Refuted

Yes, Virginia, Absolutes Do Exist!

Other Voices Speaking on Absolutes

Notes on Epistemology and Metaphysics

Not By Epistemic Works, Lest Any Should Boast Doug Wilson

Science and Technology

Creation Issues for Evangelicals and Mistakes That They Make New, new, new!! (July 2013)

The Sokal Affair (off site) Extreme bias manipulated by nonsensical nuclear science

Science Is As Faith-based As Any Religion!

See Science and Technology.

The Biblical View of Science (off site)

Genesis, Science, and Six-Day Creation: Framing the Debate

Christianity and the Rise of Modern Science

Consciousness: Its Study Is Philosophically and Empirically Flawed

Richard Dawkins’ incoherency exposed in the Cambridge Journal Think here. (off site)

Book review: Christianity and the Nature of Science by J. P. Moreland

by Doug Jones

by Vern Poythress

The Impasse of Modern Physics, Simply Explained (secular, offsite)

Refutation of Methodological Naturalism Alvin Plantinga – (off site)*

What Methodological Supernaturalism Might Look Like

Monkeys and Typewriters (off site)

A Brief Introducton to Michael Polanyi

Michael Polanyi Glossary and Dictionary

History of Philosophy and the 21st Century

The Demise of Human Understanding: Modern Philosophy and Its Contribution to Current Human Degradation

Reflections from Plato’s Cave: Musings on the History of Philosophy A poetic and all too serious history of philosophy

A Brief History of Theology and Evangelical Scholarship in the 20th Century (off site)

Martin Luther on Aristotle in the Church and Other Things

Brief Notes on the Orthodoxy of Soren Kierkegaard

An Evangelical Critique of Postmodernism (off site)

Theodicy: The “Problem” of Evil and a Good God

Evil Defined and References for Theodicy

Nature Discloses God’s Good in National Magazine

More on Apparent Evil Having Inherent Good

Logic–the Syllogism and the Problem of Evil A lesson in logic and definitions… God’s omnipotence is always good!

A Biblical Theodicy (off site)


Reformed Critics of Karl Barth

The Old Testament as Philosophy

Evaluations and Critiques of Christian Philosophers

Quo Vadis Christian Philosopher? Some Concerns among the Successes

On Christians Using Natural Theology – Colin Brown

An Ongoing Critique of Christian Philosophers

How to Discern the Errors of Christians Who Are Philosophers

The Resurrection of Thomism R. C. Sproul, William Lane Craig, Norman Geisler, J. P. Moreland, Stuart C. Hackett

Ronald Nash and Arthur Holmes

J. P. Moreland’s Article on Over-Commitment to the Bible

Francis Beckwith: Rome, Regeneration, and Philosophy

Herman Dooyeweerd and the Institute for Christian Studies

Empiricism, Norman Geisler, and Alister McGrath

Beware of Philosophy and Theology: A Warning to (Young) Biblical Scholars

Book Review: Classical Apologetics by R. C. Sproul, John Gerstner, and Arthur Lindsley

by John Frame

by Gordon H. Clark

by Greg Bahnsen

Book review: Paradox in Christian Theology by James Anderson

by Gary Crampton

James Anderson’s Response to Gary Crampton


Truth: Comprehensive Biblical and Philosophical Review

Eternal Truths in Philosophy

Ethics and Worldview

Various Approaches to Ethics Refuted

An Encyclopedia of Medical Ethics – Companion website

Summary Principles of Biblical Ethics – Companion website

Encyclopedia of Biblical Ethics and Worldview – Companion website

Aesthetics and Art

The Necessity of Transcendence (God) in Aesthetics and Art – Review of George Steiner’s Real Presences by James Jordan (off site)

Clark-Van Til Controversy and Other Related Issues

An Introduction to the Clark-Van Til Controversy

Carl F. H. Henry: A Biblical Scholar Misunderstood and Wrongly Critiqued

Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended by Greg Bahnsen (based upon Van Til)—a book review by W. Gary Crampton Discussion of many of the Clark-Van Til issues.

“Van Til: A Reassessment” – John Frame… not all comments are favorable to Van Til

Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings and Analysis by Greg Bahnsen A book review by W. Gary Crampton

Cornelius Van Til: An Analysis of His Thought A book review by W. Gary Crampton

Christian Smith: The Bible Made Impossible A book review by Kevin DeYoung

College term papers by the Author – here

Book Reviews – Miscellaneous

What Would Jesus Deconstruct? by John Caputo (off site)


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