To enhance my understanding of the history of philosophy, I am taking courses at a local state university.  Of course, during these courses I have to turn in papers, as requested by the professors.  I always try to write on Biblical/Christian themes.  Many philosophers of the past have had some identity with Christianity, either to use it in their system (often with great error) or to oppose it (often with great error, also).  This identity allows me to address one or more of their issues in a paper.  However, I am not as explicit in these papers, as I am on other essays on this site.  But I offer them to you for additional reads and perhaps inspire some other students to write on Biblical/Christian themes in their courses even under secular professors!

An Irony of History: Descartes, the Fideist, and Subsequent Rationalism October 2009

The Correspondence of Leibniz’ The Monadology with a Biblical Cosmology  November 2009

Does Hegel’s Philosophy Fall within the Bounds of Orthodox Christianity? February 2010

Kierkegaard’s Leap of Faith: Finding Objectivity in his Subjectivity!  March 2010

Nietzsche and Christianity: A Small Love and a Great Hate!  April 2010

An Exploration of the Apparent Good vs. the Real Good from the Gorgias Dialogue  September 2010